Services: Technical Support

We want to help take the guesswork out of running a variety of media on your press, and ensure that you operate with maximum confidence, consistency and efficiency. GPA has developed a wealth of technical resources to guide you past everyday pressroom challenges by helping you implement enhanced internal processes and procedures. GPA demonstrates our continued commitment to the advancement of your business by providing maximum value and support tools to give you the competitive edge.

Our Technical Experts Can:

  • Consult with your production team to establish storage and printing guidelines
  • Troubleshoot production run problems
  • Provide samples for ink and application testing
  • Consult with your ink supplier regarding print compatibility
  • Determine suitability for your specific application with laboratory conducted testing
  • Provide detailed product specification sheets
  • Offer resources for:
    • Ink & coating technologies
    • Spray powders
    • Static control devices


Whether you want to quickly create marketing collateral to show off a new substrates or fine-tune press settings to maximize performance, our Print Trial Process 3.0 Deluxe and 3.0 Express can help you get the most out of your technology and resources. It includes two components that can be used together or independently to best suit your needs.


Print Trial Process 3.0 Deluxe

Our advanced deluxe technical tool and expert instruction can show you how to improve press performance through substrate evaluation and comparison. It also serves as a troubleshooting tool to help you and your team diagnose issues on press. It lets you establish consistent settings that will allow you to achieve reliable, beautiful results every time…while increasing overall productivity and lowering costs.

Benefits of Print Trial Process 3.0 Deluxe:

  • Makes you more efficient with procedures for establishing press settings for every substrate
  • Can improve press performance and print quality
  • Helps you confidently run any GPA substrate – eliminates guesswork
  • Improves quality control
  • Can help extend the life of press consumables and reduce waste, saving you time and money
  • Makes troubleshooting problems on press easier by providing you with in-depth knowledge of how the press operates
  • Provides a detailed process for understanding the interaction between the press and substrates



Print Trial Process 3.0 Express

This unique express marketing tool lets you test substrates and instantly create printed sample applications that your sales team can take to market with new and existing products. You get immediate internal validation and build confidence in running any substrate while strengthening your company’s brand and market presence.


Benefits of Print Trial Process 3.0 Express:

  • Lets you instantly qualify any substrate
  • Gives you printed samples to show customers that you produced internally
  • Customizable so you can include your logo and company name for branded marketing pieces
  • Lets you bring new capabilities to market faster, putting you ahead of the competition



Access the proprietary Print Trial Process files here (login required)


GPA’s Technical Corner

Keeping up with today’s ever-changing technology is vital to your success. Through video tips, blogs and white papers, we’ll tackle your challenges one at a time, using relatable language and real-world examples. Featuring information from Mike Blanco, GPA’s Director of Technical Services and technical guru, you will learn valuable press and substrate tips, shortcuts, troubleshooting techniques, and address other topics that will help you become more knowledgeable, profitable and efficient.


GPA customers can register and participate in GPA’s technical community by visiting and clicking on the “Tech Corner” tab.