Retail & Point-Of-Purchase

Many retail shoppers make their purchasing decisions in-store. This is precisely why effective signage and marketing collateral are crucial for attracting new customers, increasing store traffic, and turning a "maybe" into "yes." Retail marketing and point-of-purchase displays can help influence buyers' decisions in your favor. From the local convenience store to the largest big box store, every merchant and retailer has countless opportunities to strengthen their brand and increase sales.

If you need to create attention-getting signage for the freezer or the floor, or something that can withstand the summer sun or jump off a store shelf, we have the right substrate. Our collection of versatile, environmentally responsible, durable, go-anywhere substrates ensure maximum visibility and impact.

Popular Applications:

  • Grocery Store Two-Sided Signage
  • Product Counter Displays
  • Merchandise Display Graphics
  • Cooler & Freezer Door Graphics
  • Wall Graphics
  • Backlit Signage: cosmetic displays, vending machines, light box signage
  • Hanging Signs: seasonal décor, sale and special offer advertising
  • Promotional Floor Graphics
  • Shelf Talkers
  • Aisle Violators
  • Window Graphics: branded signage, in/out signage, special offers
  • Pennants: sale signs, branded pennants
  • Shelf Strips
  • Sale Tags

Commonly Used Substrates:

  • 8 Mil White Polyester Shelf Wobblers
  • 4 Mil White Flexible Vinyl with Low Peel/Removable Adhesive
  • 15 Mil High Temp Lightbox Film
  • Traffic Graffic® 3.4 Mil Matte White "Floor Advertising" Vinyl
  • 8 Mil White Window Cling Vinyl
  • 8 Mil White Teslin®
  • 10 Mil White Synthetic Paper
  • 11.5 Mil Stop-Lite® Board
  • 60# Pink Fluorescent Label with Permanent Adhesive
  • 60# White Semi-Gloss Label with Ultra Removable Adhesive