Pressure Sensitive Synthetics for Offset Presses

From extreme temperatures, moisture, or irregular surfaces, these durable films were made to perform and adhere in demanding environments. They easily withstand the elements, exposure to liquids and chemicals, and repeated handling, making them perfect for outdoor and industrial applications. Manufactured from the highest quality materials, these pressure sensitive synthetic substrates offer superior adhesion, performance and excellent print quality every time.

Our line of Pressure Sensitive Synthetics for conventional offset presses includes Ultra Film® pressure sensitive polyester, polypropylene, flexible vinyl, semi-rigid vinyl, Teslin® and synthetic paper. Available in a variety of face materials and adhesives, we have options for applications that need to stay put or remove easily, eliminate show through, be repositioned multiple times, or adhere to low-energy and textured surfaces.

GPA's collection of pressure sensitive synthetics excels in applications such as grocery freezer signage, retail wall graphics, counter mats, product and industrial labels, entertainment promotions, temporary wall décor and any use that calls for maximum versatility and strength.

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