Non-Adhesive Synthetics for Offset Presses

This collection of hardworking synthetic substrates features a vast selection of products that outperform any on the market today. From tear, moisture and chemical resistance to stability, clarity and finishing capabilities, GPA offers a broad range of options for conventional offset printing that offer guaranteed performance from your pressroom through the end-use environment.

Whether you need a material with maximum opacity or absolute clarity, rugged stiffness or extreme flexibility, we have a solution for every project. Our offering includes Ultra Film® styrene, rigid vinyl, synthetic paper, polypropylene, polyethylene, high temperature polyolefin, polyester, APET polyester, and also Tyvek® and Ultra Green® Film. This immense selection of substrates is compatible with a wide range of finishing capabilities to give you the versatility to create just about anything you can dream up.

These synthetic substrates make excellent manuals and reference booklets, retail shelf wobblers, durable restaurant menus, point-of-purchase displays, book covers, graphic overlay sheets, ID and gift cards, formed packaging, backlit signage and more.

GPA Offset Product Catalog

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