Services: On-Site Inventory Management


Say goodbye to worries about delivery delays and running out of stock, and say hello to increased efficiency. GPA's On-Site Inventory Management program can help make your business more efficient, more flexible, and ultimately more profitable. It allows you to give your customers to get exactly what they need when they need it so you can consistently exceed their expectations. Since it completely eliminates lead times, GPA's helpful program guarantees that product will be immediately accessible on your floor.

With GPA's On-Site Inventory Management program, your personnel will no longer have to invest time in placing multiple orders and receiving numerous shipments each week. Invoicing is completed once a month, which creates a more streamlined process for accounting and administration. Imagine what you could accomplish when you have more time for growing your business instead of managing inventory and ordering stock.

Since you are invoiced only after material is released for production, GPA's On-Site Inventory Management program enhances your cash flow. It also provides an emergency safety supply for production at no additional investment cost. Our program is also flexible to meet your changing needs; products and quantities on-hand can be altered to meet peak demands or accommodate new business opportunities. Find out how we can streamline your operations with a program built just for you.

Why Our Customers Love It:

  • Flexible to meet your changing needs
  • Reduces procurement costs based on just-in-time ordering
  • Eliminates opportunity costs due to stock-outs
  • Reduces transaction costs based on monthly invoicing