Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry consists of all the different companies that have a hand in the processing of raw food and their packaging, distribution, and serving. With the exception of pharmaceuticals, this industry includes any product people eat or drink, and the establishments where they are prepared and served. Businesses in this market include food companies, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage companies, restaurants from fine dining to fast food, cafes, bakeries, specialty vendors for foods and drinks such as smoothies or pretzels, wholesalers, grocers, and the consumers of these items and patrons of these places.

Let GPA introduce you to a variety of substrates that put your customer's products and promotions in the spotlight to help strengthen your customer's brand and drive new business. Whether it's a durable menu that withstands repeated handling, easy-to-apply promotional window and cooler graphics, or a tabletop sign for that month's special, GPA offers the application solutions that get noticed.

Popular Applications:

  • Restaurant & Cocktail Menus
  • Retail Promotional Collateral: freezer/refrigerator signs, shelf wobblers, pennants
  • Luxury Wine Packaging/Boxes
  • Fast Food Backlit Signage
  • Custom Water Bottle Labels
  • Craft Beer Labels
  • Restaurant Table Tents
  • Counter Mats
  • Restaurant Wall Graphics & Environment Décor

Commonly Used Substrates:

  • 18 pt. White Matte C1S Cover
  • 10 Mil White Matte/Matte Styrene
  • 10 Mil Clear Rigid Vinyl
  • 80# Gloss Cover Table Tents
  • 14 Mil Flexible Magnet with White Matte Polypropylene Face
  • 28 pt. Silver Fluted MirriNor Board
  • 60# Brown Kraft Label Paper
  • 60# White Latex Impregnated Label Paper with Permanent Adhesive
  • 60# Cream Laid Uncoated Facestock with Permanent Adhesive
  • 15 Mil High Temp Lightbox Film
  • WallMark™ 6.0 Mil White Semi-Rigid Vinyl
  • 4 Mil White Flexible Vinyl with Low Peel/Removable Adhesive