Services: Custom Services

Custom Products

If your project calls for a substrate outside of our published product offering, we are happy to help you find the perfect substrate. We have an extensive network of manufacturing resources and access to thousands of custom products and constructions to help create a product that meets the exact specifications your job requires.




Whether your project calls for a special size, layout, color, texture, facestock, adhesive, liner, finish or weight other than what you see in our current offering, or you need a substrate that fits a very specific set of criteria, we can help you select the ideal substrate. Even if you’re not exactly sure what your project calls for, our experts have the resources and knowledge to help match your application to the right product every time.



GPA offers precision guillotine cutting for any in-stock substrate. If your application requires a smaller size, call GPA Customer Support at 800-395-9000 for information and pricing on custom cut sheet sizes. The smallest size available is 2" x 2".


GPA’s Accu-Split™ service lets you put custom face and liner splits on pressure sensitive papers and film products. It is less expensive than die-cutting, and gives you the flexibility to create a variety of face and liner layout possibilities on any pressure sensitive sheet.

This precision splitting technology can accommodate sheet sizes as large as 30" x 40" and as small as 4" x 4" (depending on the substrate). Because of our impeccable stability and control, we can create face or liner splits on any substrate from 10 pt. pressure sensitive tag, to laser and film materials with a 1 1/2" minimum distance between splits.

Indigo Optimization Center

Do you need to run a substrate on your HP Indigo press that isn’t already optimized or treated? Our in-house Indigo Optimization Center can apply a special surface treatment to one or both sides of a variety of media. We can enhance coated and uncoated papers, pressure sensitive papers, and synthetic substrates to make them compatible with your HP Indigo press.

These special coatings are developed to ensure optimum ink anchorage and scratch resistance for superior performance both on press and in the end-use environment. Contact GPA Customer Support at 800-395-9000 for more information.