Consumer Goods & Packaging


GPA offers the broadest range of substrates that can open the door to creative consumer goods and packaging opportunities. With GPA's substrates for the consumer goods market, the only limit is your imagination. We offer the broadest range of versatile substrates that are being used for applications ranging from children's stickers to personalized t-shirts, and even wall decals for your favorite sports team. Today's enterprising professionals are capitalizing on these popular uses, and constantly inventing new opportunities using GPA substrates.



Product manufacturers want their merchandise to stand out among the competition, and with the right combination of striking design and the perfect substrate, products can have a higher perceived value and generate more revenue, GPA offers a tremendous selection of substrates for packaging applications that can help successful companies strengthen brand identity and convey a premium look and feel that boosts profitability in retail settings.

Let GPA help guide you towards the perfect substrate for your unique application in the consumer goods and packaging markets.


Popular Applications:

  • Product Packaging/Boxes: health & beauty, wine & spirits, electronics, jewelry
  • Product Brand Labeling
  • Children's Sticker Sheets
  • Seasonal/Holiday Labels
  • Water-Resistant Product Guides
  • Home Décor Decals: children's rooms, sports teams, room accents, window clings
  • Novelty & Personalized Magnets
  • Personalized T-Shirts
  • Personalized Playing Cards
  • Souvenir Postcards


Commonly Used Substrates:

  • 15 Mil Clear Gloss/Gloss APET Polyester Film
  • 12 Mil Ultra Green® Film
  • 10 Mil White Matte/Matte Rigid Vinyl
  • 12 pt. Cast Coated DigiBOX 4" Printable Box
  • 6 Mil White Semi-Rigid Vinyl with Microspheric Repositionable Adhesive
  • WallFrog™ 4.0 Mil Matte White Polyester Wall Fabric Film
  • 14 Mil Flexible Magnet with White Matte Polypropylene Face
  • 8 Mil Heat Transfer Paper
  • 11 pt. White C2S Stop-Lite® Board for Playing Cards
  • 10 pt. C1S Tag Label with Permanent Adhesive
  • 60# Cream Laid Uncoated Label with Permanent Adhesive
  • 28 pt. Silver Fluted MirriNor Board