Automotive & Auto Services

The manufacture, sale and maintenance of automobiles, their parts, and related services is one of biggest economic drivers in the world. Globally, this is a multi-trillion dollar business. It includes everything from auto dealerships, local mechanic and body shops, oil change services, parts manufacturers and resellers, gas stations, and more.

Whether your customers need to reinforce brand loyalty, attract business, or promote their services, a well-planned promotion is essential. We offer substrates that are found in the most sophisticated luxury car promotions, to vehicle accessory packaging. Using the right substrates from GPA can help your customers differentiate themselves from the competition and help boost sales in every facet of this rich market.

Popular Applications:

  • Direct Mail: special offers, customer loyalty
  • Brochures
  • New Owner Kits
  • Service Reminder Decals
  • Promotional Collateral: posters, window decals, counter mats, shelf wobblers
  • Branded Collateral: letterhead, business cards
  • Floor Graphics
  • Handbooks
  • Informational Guides: maintenance schedules, product instructions
  • Product Packaging

Commonly Used Substrates:

  • 110# Starlight Photo Lustre
  • 130# White Matte Cover
  • 110# Crystal White Pearl Cover
  • 10 Mil White Teslin®
  • 80# White Matte Cover ID Card
  • 8 Mil Clear Window Cling Vinyl
  • Traffic Graffic® 3.4 Mil Matte White "Floor Advertising" Vinyl
  • 8 Mil Clear Window Cling Vinyl
  • 10 Mil Clear Gloss/Gloss APET Polyester Film
  • 6 Mil Synthetic Paper